High Performance. High Availability.

Managed & Professional Services.
Cloud and Managed Hosting. Colocation. Business Continuity.
Cervalis Designs, Builds, and Manages Them All.

Cervalis solutions keep businesses seeking high availability, high performance, fully secure and flexible IT environments running round-the-clock. Our enterprise-class, purpose-built data centers serve companies of all sizes. Our managed IT services, delivered by industry experts, ensure optimal, right-sized environments that scale quickly and respond to constantly changing and diverse business and performance requirements. Customizable, dedicated work area recovery space supports disaster recovery planning.

A Measured Approach Across All Services

Our methodical approach to working with clients and our alliances with best-of-breed technology providers help eliminate obstacles to optimizing your environment and validating your decisions. Our skilled technicians share more than a century of experience, invaluable when designing flexible, reliable solutions.

Physical or Virtual, We Manage It All

From servers, storage, virtualization and replication, to back up, security, managed exchange and load balancing, we can manage them all for you so you can reallocate scant IT resources where they are needed.  We extend your IT capacity and protect your data and applications, making sure they, and you, are always up and running. 

Cervalis is recognized for our transparent and personalized approach.

We can provide you with an assessment to help right size and future proof your IT infrastructure needs.