Cloud & Managed Hosting

…The question facing most organizations is not whether the cloud is part of their infrastructure plans, but which applications and workloads to move to the cloud and when. State of Cloud Security Report, Alert Logic, 2014

Our portfolio of services support private, public and hybrid, a combination of the two, cloud solutions, giving you as much visibility and control as you want. Our experts know which cloud is appropriate for each client and application, so you can be comfortable with your decision to move to the cloud.

Cervalis’ IT infrastructure delivers more than the performance, reliability, security and compliance your cloud environment demands. It offers the provisioning agility and rapid scalability your company’s business units need at any given time.

We’re dedicated to right-size, so no Cervalis solution is ever overbuilt. Lower your operating costs and let your cloud live safely in our high-availability, highly secure enterprise-class data centers.

Our Cloud Offerings

Private Cloud
For sensitive data and applications. A highly secure, dedicated computing environment custom engineered to meet your performance and compliance needs. We can help you design, build and manage all or part of your private cloud.

Public Cloud
Ideal for scenarios in which monitoring and shared resources top your list of requirements. While a public cloud isn’t the right environment for every application, it’s a cost-effective way to extend your IT capabilities.

Hybrid Cloud
When you want the benefits of both worlds, a hybrid cloud offers you the security, compliance, availability, performance, scalability, agility, and resource efficiency needed to respond to today’s swiftly evolving business dynamics. This solution combines cloud offerings with managed hosting, colocation and business continuity services.

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